Saturday, February 16, 2008

Things I never realized

I always wanted to be a missionary, but...

  • I never realized that God would bring the world to Kitchener/Waterloo, and that I would be called to be a missionary in my own city!

  • I never realized how much difference being "sent" by my church would make. I knew it was very important to me, to God and to my congregation, but even though I had been volunteering at Welcome Home for 4 months, it feels like a whole new beginning.

  • I never realized how much joy there is in being with people. I'm such an organizer that sometimes it's about ALL I do! I've been hanging out at Welcome Home, eating delicious homemade soup (just like mom's:) and making amazing new friends from all over the world.

  • I never realized where Elmira (International Teams office) was! Somedays it's quick, somedays it's a longgg, slow drive behind horse 'n' buggies, trucks and "Sunday drivers". I'm learning to allow some extra driving time and enjoy some of my worship CDs.

  • I never realized how many injustices new arrivals face... once they get to Canada! As I get to know some of the specifics, I'm finding out where and when and how my voice can make a difference.

  • I never realized how helpless I would feel, and how solid it is to know God cares... and answers prayer. There have been many impromptu prayertimes as residents have shared their struggles with me.

  • I never realized precisely how little I knew, even after 4 months of sticking my nose into all sorts of places to learn as much as I could. It's an exciting education which will hopefully never run out! Maybe it will even require an overseas trip??

  • I never realized that there are so many good people volunteering in the community and that many of them are doing so out of a love for God and those He loves. It's been a blast developing new friendships with all sorts of people who come from all sorts of churches!

  • I never realized that what seemed so innocent... and really good for my body -The Ride 4 Refugees- was really the first solid step in confirming a new direction for my life!

  • Now is it good... or bad... that I never realized all of this?!