Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Winds of change?

It's 2 years since I began to share my life and God's love with refugees right here in KW. As I've seen so clearly, "the ends of the earth" are right next door- what will we do about this Great Commission? I digress...

I'm experiencing some firsts:
  • Never before have I seen such a large turn-over of residents in such a compressed time. No, we haven't made everyone mad; they realized that sharing an apartment was necesssary financially and it was better with someone they already knew, even if they were annoying:).
  • Never before have I seen such an intriguing and challenging mix of refugees all move in within one week - Vietnam, Guatemala, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Columbia, Japan. I'm pretty sure I'll be breaking cultural rules ALL the time!
  • Never before have we had such a glorious mix of religious backgrounds. Muslim, Christian, Eastern Orthodox, Buddhist... Go God!
  • Never before have we had so many new, newly arrived refugees literally moving in off the streets with nothing but the clothing on their backs. They're so eager to come that they don't care that we don't even have a bed (YET) for them to sleep on. We need beds, linens, towels, food NOW! Please help.
  • Never before have we been so in need of prayer and so optimistic that God is doing something wonderful among us.
"Sanctify yourselves. Tomorrow God will work miracle-wonders among you"