Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blessings or curses?

Three months ago I walked into my condo to find water everywhere! I’m still waiting for the laminate to NOT be back-ordered, but last week the insurance paid for tile to be installed in my laundry room.
At the end of the day, I walked into my condo and stepped into water! Needless to say, I was extremely disheartened, to the point that I wondered whether I was “cursed”- do I even believe in that?? Return of the noisy fans, the panicked neighbours below and the plumber- to fix the leak again.

It took almost a week to get perspective, but here’s what I discovered:
-it’s a good thing the laminate was back-ordered, not ruined AGAIN
-it’s a good thing my new hot water tank was on warranty and the “this never happens” was repaired
-it’s a good thing I put in tile which is resistant to water damage
-it’s a good thing I realized there was still a puzzling amount of water after 24 hrs and discovered the other leak
-it’s a good thing I have a portable washer so I could make this discovery
-it’s a good thing insurance repaired the washer with life-time hoses and shiny new taps, even though it wasn’t their fault that the couplings were separating from the hoses
-it’s a good thing leaks happened while the insurance-funded repair guys were here- no plumbing bills this time!

A good thing or a God-thing?
Cursed or Blessed?
I know I’m being watched out for, for sure!