Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moments of Glory

It's been something to watch the Olympics and hear the stories behind the podium.  The athlete's ups and downs, and dogged perseverance towards a goal, have been inspiring.  Rarely does the media report on all the injuries, missed jumps, and failures when we recognize an athlete- but it's all part of the journey!  No wonder the Apostle Paul uses athletic metaphors to challenge us to keep our focus.

I've seen the same kind of realities for the refugees at Welcome Home.  There are days of depression and discouragement, of taking their frustration out on the others who share the house, of giving up hope, and consuming fear. However, what sticks in my memory and inspires me, is that despite seemingly insurmountable odds, there are moments of glory!

Hearing a joyful, resonant voice ring out the French version of  "Great is Thy Faithfulness"  from the men's shower room, while his brother is imprisoned in Rwanda and may never be released...
Watching the quiet, timid one stand courageous and tall as she decides to show sacrificial love to the one who aggressively bossed her around... and how God used meekness to win a friend!

I'm inspired and would love to go around giving out medals.  I can just imagine how heaven's medal ceremony will top the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, moving as they are!