Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Moments in Time

Well, it's 18 years since we made the move from the rolling prairies to this wonderfully hilly ("Can we stop so I can run down that hill, mom?") country.

Today I took a hike up Mt Trashmore, as it was then known. It's an amazing spot where the beauty of the surrounding region can be clearly seen, especially on such a brisk day. I remembered rolling into town full of anticipation and also a bit of trepidation. The last of our preschoolers heading off to school, a church ready and eager to welcome us with open arms...

Over the years I took many hikes to this windy vantage point. It is a good place to pray over the city, a lousy place to try to fly a kite! Often the prayers were for the neighbourhood, now they zero in on a 2nd story rooming house downtown where seekers from around the world are coming to us.

Today I stopped to thank God for the paths He's led me down and process the far-reaching impact of choices made. My family has grown up and flown the coop, the house sold this week and it's time to embark on some new trails. Who'd a thought... but then, I am reminded that "all our days are written in His book" and gratitude, confidence return.

I read a wake-me-up quote last week in Brother Andrew's Secret Believers:
The purpose of the church cannot be to survive or even to thrive, but to serve. How do you serve?
...sometimes servants die in the serving...

You and I ARE the church. We don't know much about the "die in serving part", but believers around the world do. I receive this challenge and am setting my course towards serving.
Will you join me?

By the way, I'm trusting God to help me buy a place in downtown Kitchener so that I have somewhere to "lay my head" come the end of May :).