Saturday, October 3, 2009

Only a God like You!!

I'm still flush with post-Ride 4 Refugees exhilaration and just HAVE to share some of my thoughts! The Ride intersects with my life in several wonderful ways:

  1. Physically- this year I wasn't actually able to ride my bike until late August. To be able to complete 25 km today and smoke my son and nephew in the last km is a real gift. Wonder if we'll do 50 km again next year??
  2. Family- my youngest son joined me for the first time this year and was able to experience the challenge and elation of finding sponsors who have sacrificial generousity imbedded in their spirit. My sister and all 3 of her boys were right there, too, as always riding shoulder to shoulder while the rest of our family prayed and sponsored and...
  3. Welcome Home- it's always my dream to have refugees ride with us, because they're free and safe and they can! They ride in solidarity with their family and friends who are still making their torturous way to freedom. Today we had 6 Welcome Home refugees join us and I was most impressed with our Ethiopian marathon runner who's rarely ridden a bike. He hopped on a bike that was much too small for him and proceeded to leave us in his dust- Like a walk in the park:)
  4. Funds- we were awestruck to have 13 teams register as Ride Partners for Welcome Home, which means that all or part of what they raised will be forwarded to us. As of last count, we have more than $30,000 for which these valiant heroes asked, cajoled and prodded. I can't say how much this means as we affirm that GOD is our Provider, all the time!
  5. Weather- yesterday's frigid winds and drenching deluge did much to fill me with anxiety and dread. However, we began the day with the sun peeking through the clouds. I peeled off extra layers for the first 5 km, put on my sunglasses and skimmed the hills singing, "Only a God like You, only a God like You!" True, some of the riders who ventured 50 and 100 km experienced rainshowers, hail and even lightening, but the vast majority of the riders made it off the course before the weather turned and all were in high spirits, even if they returned somewhat soaked.
  6. So, together with the 1000+ riders who ate up the pavement in North Waterloo with me today, let's give God the recognition He deserves!