Monday, December 8, 2008


I heard a song yesterday that challenges me to find courage in the midst of personally difficult circumstances.

"You can spend your whole life building something from nothing and a storm can come and blow it all away; build it anyway!" (Check out the rest of the lyrics here.)
As I listened, I realized that I know what this looks like. I've seen it lived it out by the amazing folks I work with. Just over a month ago, Juanita (not her real name...) shared her story with me. As I listened, I realized that I was being given a gift. To speak of unspeakable things, to trust me with her pain, to share her sorrows and then together find a solid place to stand- it's an experience I will always treasure.

Sure, refugees get discouraged. And, they sometimes act out their frustration over the impossibilities of their lives by lashing out at the person or circumstance that’s available- but don’t we all?! However, the indomitable spirit that prompted them to flee their home and endure separation from loved ones, to start over again in the midst of innumerable overwhelming odds, places me in the role of humble student with each of them as my mentors.

God must have known I needed “living witnesses” to spur me on in my own walk of faith at this time. That’s the Christmas gift I receive this season.

And my prayer for each of those who make Welcome Home their home?
  • First and foremost, that they would find their home in Jesus.
  • That they would learn enough English to be able to use the training/skills and capacities they brought to Canada.
  • That they would make friends and find community in Canada.
  • That they would be reunited with their loved ones.

Merry Christmas- Anyway... thank you for journeying with me.