Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pieces of a Puzzle

My how time flies! I’ve been part of the Welcome Home team for almost a year now. This fall we did some reshuffling of our roles. Like pieces of a puzzle, we worked at defining the gifts and skills each team member brings.

My role has shifted to more of the day-to-day management of Welcome Home including:

  • leading and investing in the staff team
  • dreaming up, strategizing and implementing plans for an effective program

As a newbie, I wrestled with how these role shifts would work, especially with team members who have 20+ yrs experience. But that’s what a team is! Rather than a hierarchy using power and control, we’re a team serving each other. That excites me and honours God.

Speaking of teams, I’m really energized to ride as part of my church’s Ride 4 Refugees Team in 7 short days. It’s a very tangible expression of the “teamwork” that I am experiencing as a missionary. So, as we pedal and sweat (or freeze) together, we’ll physically demonstrate what it means to work together for the sake of the gospel! And, there’s a bonus! One half of what we raise goes directly to Welcome Home’s $200,000 budget for 2009.

Would you like to be a part of the puzzle? Every piece counts! No sweat required:)

  • Sponsor me as a rider
  • Become one of my monthly, quarterly, or even yearly donors
  • Pray for me